CIPP and Dues

Paying dues is a responsibility of every member of the club, new or old. Fulfilling your obligation is vital to the success that the Dallas Rugby Club has experienced in the past and will continue to enjoy in the future. We have the highest dues participation rate of any club and enforce the “no pay, no play” rule vigorously. Please, either pay your dues in full or join one of the payment plan options below.

The dues structure and payment options for men and women club members are different.  The men’s dues are listed first and the women at the bottom.

Please remember that you must be CIPPed with USA Rugby also. Those instructions are below the payment options.


Men’s Dues

DRFC  Men’s Regular Player Full Dues Payment Option

Dues for regular, or non-rookie and non-social members are $325. You have the option of making the full payment here.

Please click the button below.


DRFC Men’s Regular Player Dues Payment Plan

As a regular player, you may use the PayPal monthly payment plan below to fulfill your $325 annual obligation.

DRFC Men’s Rookie Player Full Dues Payment Option

Welcome to the Dallas Reds! Rookie dues are $175.  You have the option to pay all at once here.

Please click the button below.


DRFC Men’s Rookie Player Dues Payment Plan

We understand it may be easier to make smaller payments over the year. Please click below to take advantage of that option.

Women’s Dues

All female players pay the same low amount of $200, regardless of being new or not.  There are 3 types of payment plans available, choose the your best option.

Women’s Dues – 8 Payments of $25
  Please click the button below.


Women’s Dues – 4 Payments of $50
  Please click the button below.


Women’s Dues – 1 Full Payment of $200
  Please click the button below.


Registering with USA Rugby

All players, both male and female, must be registered (a/k/a “CIPPd”) through USA Rugby to play rugby for the Dallas Rugby Football Club.  Registration cost $90, and is good from September 1 through August 31 of the following year.

To register, go to Follow the on-line steps to register as a Senior Men’s member or Senior Women’s Member of the DALLAS RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB. An accident insurance policy which covers you for injuries suffered during sanctioned events (matches, trainings, etc.) is provided as part of your registration. To read more about this insurance coverage visit:


Please contact Club Treasurer, Phil Iuliucci ( if you have questions or need to work out alternative payment arrangements, such as working off your dues, and/or paying your dues by obtaining sponsorships.


You always have the option to donate to the club!