Dallas Rugby Dues

Paying dues is a responsibility of every member of the club, new or old. Fulfilling your obligation is vital to the success that the Dallas Rugby Club has experienced in the past and will continue to enjoy in the future. We have the highest dues participation rate of any club and enforce the “no pay, no play” rule vigorously. Please, either pay your dues in full or join one of our payment plan options.

We also have options for players to work off their dues by helping the Club with things such as: field setup, field maintenance, volunteer work, etc. Feel free to ask one of our officers if you are interested in playing but cannot afford to pay the dues (email secretary@dallasrugby.org).

The dues structure and payment options for men and women club members for the 2022-2023 season are detailed below.

2022/23 Dues Structure

“Veteran” = A player that has played adult rugby for Dallas Rugby or any other club in the past.

“Rookie” = A player that has never played adult rugby (e.g., someone who has never played rugby before at all, or who has only played at a collegiate or youth and high school level).

“Social” – Dues are for members that just want to attend social functions, or intend to only play the occasional D4 match.

Men’s Veteran – $375
Men’s Rookie – $275
Women’s Veteran – $275
Women’s Rookie – $135
Social Member – $200

Sevens payment

With your Summer Sevens dues you will receive a DRFC warmup dri-fit T-shirt, and entry into sevens tournaments throughout the summer

7's Summer dues

How to Pay Your Dues

To pay your dues please select one of the payment plan or pay in full options below based on your status as a “Veteran,” “Rookie,” or “Social Member” (see above for definitions).

If you can pay in full and have a Venmo account, please make payment to the Club’s Venmo account (@DallasRugby) and note the payment is for your “2022-23 XVs Dues”.

If you want to discuss working off all or a portion your dues, please contact Joe Paradinovich at Treasurer@DallasRugby.org.

One Time Payments

Dues options

Payment Plans