Dallas Rugby Dues

Paying dues is a responsibility of every member of the club, new or old. Fulfilling your obligation is vital to the success that the Dallas Rugby Club has experienced in the past and will continue to enjoy in the future. We have the highest dues participation rate of any club and enforce the “no pay, no play” rule vigorously. Please, either pay your dues in full or join one of our payment plan options.

We also have options for players to work off their dues by helping the Club with things such as: field setup, field maintenance, volunteer work, etc. Feel free to ask one of our officers if you are interested in playing but cannot afford to pay the dues (email secretary@dallasrugby.org).

The dues structure and payment options for men and women club members for the 2021-2022 season are detailed below.

Summerr 7’s Dues Structure

Men’s Veteran 7s Dues: $100 (full payment option and 3 payments of $33.33 option).

Men’s Rookie / College / Women’s 7s Dues: $75 (full payment option and 3 payments of $25 option).

How to Pay Your Dues

    One Time Payments:

    To make a one time payment, select one of the options below and checkout using PayPal. The lump sum option is what is preferred and if paying gin lump you can also venmo the total amount to @DallasRugby if you prefer it to PayPal checkout

    7's Summer dues

    7’s Payment Plans:

    To enroll in the 3-month payment plan, select one of the options below and checkout using PayPal. 

    In order to play in a match for Dallas Rugby, players must be CIPP’d with USA Rugby and current on Club dues (meaning you have paid dues in full or have enrolled in a payment plan).

    “What is a CIPP?”

    Dallas Rugby competes in the Red River Rugby Conference (“RRRC”), which is a geographic union of USA Rugby. Think of it like a conference within a bigger organization (ex: NFC or AFC in the NFL, or Western Conference and Eastern Conference within the NBA).

    According to USA Rugby regulations, players must register to a club prior to representing the club in league/qualifying matches. The entire registration process is referred to as “CIPP”. Once a player is CIPP’d they are informing USA Rugby that they have registered with a certain club. Also, USA Rugby offers its (CIPP’d) members two forms of insurance: liability insurance and accident insurance, which can help those who may suffer injuries during a season.

    “How do I get CIPP’d?”

    In order to CIPP, follow these steps:

    1. Visit https://usarugby.sportlomo.com/
    2. Search for Dallas Rugby Football Club by inputting the following information (see screenshot below as an example):
      How to Search for Dallas Rugby on Sportslomo website


      • Search by Type: Adult
      • Search by Region: Texas Rugby Union
      • Search by Club Name: Dallas Rugby Football Club.
        • Note: if you are a women’s player, select Dallas Rugby Football Club Women.
    3. Select your registration type. There are 2 options you should choose from:
      How to Search for Dallas Rugby on Sportslomo website


      • Senior Player“: select this option if you would like to pay your registration fee in full for the entire season. The cost for this is $85.00 for the season.
      • Senior Player (Training)“: select this option if you would just like to register so that you are covered for training purposes. When the season starts up and matches are allowed to be played, you will need to upgrade to the full, Senior Player option. The cost for this is $26.50.
    4. You will be asked to either set up a new account, or to login to your current Sportlomo account.
      Register a Sportslomo account


      • If you have never CIPP’d before, you should create a new account.
      • If you have CIPP’d before (with any club), use the email and password that you used in previous seasons when registering with USA Rugby.
        • Note: you will likely need to choose the “Forgot Password” option in order to get a new password, as Sportlomo is still new.
    5. Next enter the amount of players you want to register (hint: it’s going to be 1 player).
      Step 4 of registering with Sportlomo
    6. Then just fill out the requested information (name, address, etc.), complete payment, and you are all done!