Dallas Rugby Football Club Annuity Program

The DRFC Annuity Program is an opportunity for former and current players, parents and other supporters of the team and the game to help fund programs such as the Dallas Rugby Youth Program, the Field Equity program and help fund club operating expenses. There are five (5) levels of support which include the following:

Plate: $25.00 per month, receive a club T-shirt

Shield: $50.00 per month, receive a club T-shirt and club hat

Bowl: $75.00 per month, receive a club polo and club hat

Cup: $100.00 per month, receive a club hoodie and club hat

Trophy: any other amount per month, benefits depend on donation size

All amounts can also be made in one annual payment.

What do you have to do? Simply select your level of involvement from the PayPal options below!

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