August 24, 2020 – DALLAS, TX

Currently (as of August 24, 2020), Texas is still in Stage 3 of USA Rugby’s Return to Play (“RTP”) Guidelines. Therefore, Dallas Rugby will continue to abide by the RTP Guidelines and will continue to re-assess training possibilities as things develop. 

We anticipate that there will not be any league matches this fall. 

The Texas Rugby Union / Red River Rugby Conference (“RRRC”) is making plans to have friendly tournaments in the fall in the event Texas is upgraded to Stage 5 of the RTP Guidelines. These tournaments will likely be city-wide tournaments only (i.e. a Dallas tournament for Dallas-area teams, Houston tournament for Houston-area teams, etc.). 

While everything is contingent on COVID-19, we are currently planning for our men’s and women’s sides to begin official preseason training at the start of October.

The RRRC is currently making plans for league play to begin in mid-to-late January 2021. These plans will be re-assessed as that date gets closer, and other options will be explored if competitions cannot start in January 2021.

Although we will not be holding any official training sessions at this time, we encourage players to keep up with their fitness either on their own or in small groups while abiding by social distancing guidelines. Please join our Facebook group where players post about local physical conditioning opportunities.

We will continue to update everyone as we monitor developments with USA Rugby and TRU. If you have any questions or comments, please email

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