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RUGBYMag.com’s Men’s DI Club Rankings show little movement as most of the teams involved did what was expected. OMBAC’s defeat of SFGG and Denver’s defeat of Belmont Shore mean that Denver moves up to #5 (remember, we demurred on moving Denver past SFGG a week ago out of caution as we wanted to see the Barbarians back up their March 8 performance, which they did).

OMBAC poised to make a move. Eiden Hughes photo.OMBAC poised to make a move. Eiden Hughes photo.

OMBAC did indeed beat SFGG on home soil, but it was a close game and we’re wondering how it would shake down in San Francisco. The two are basically in a tie right now.

Olympic Club does not move down because of their loss to #3 Glendale, but neither do they move up, as we’re not sure we can say they are better than Metropolis at the moment.

Old Blue beat Boston in a non-conference game, and those two teams switch rankings.

Lower down all is in stasis at the moment, but wait a bit.


Men DI Club Rankings March 19 2014
Rank Prev Club League Notes
1 1 Seattle-OPSB BC DI Beat Surrey
2 2 Life No League Scrimmaged USA campers
3 3 Glendale Raptors PRP Beat Olympic Club (10)
4 4 NYAC Northeast Beat Princeton AC
5 7 Denver Barbarians PRP Beat Belmont Shore (6)
6 6 Belmont Shore PRP Lost to Denver (7)
7 5 SFGG PRP Lost to OMBAC (8)
8 8 OMBAC PRP Beat SFGG (5)
9 9 Metropolis Midwest Idle
10 10 Olympic Club PRP Lost to Glendale (3)
11 11 Santa Monica PRP Idle
12 13 Old Blue Northeast Beat Boston (12)
13 12 Boston Northeast Lost to Old Blue (13)
14 14 PAC Mid-Atlantic Beat Raleigh
15 15 New Orleans Red River Beat Arkansas State U.
16 16 Dallas Reds Red River Beat Dallas Harlequins
17 17 Austin Blacks Red River Beat Fort Worth
18 18 Norfolk Mid-Atlantic Beat Baltimore-Chesapeake (19)
19 19 Baltimore-Chesapeake Mid-Atlantic Lost to Norfolk (18)
20 20 Columbus Midwest Idle
21 21 Kansas City Blues Midwest Idle
22 22 Milwaukee Barbarians Midwest Idle
23 23 Los Angeles So. Cal Beat OMBAC DI team
24 24 San Diego Old Aztecs So. Cal Beat Belmont Shore DI team
25 25 HARC Red River Idle